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Data Backup

Data backup and recovery  for your business. We can help you out in that critical state where you business is at stake.

Nellika Computers LLC fully understand the needs and ensure that our data backup solutions. Our expertise in design and implementation of comprehensive data services give clients better control over data through industry best practice. Our data backup solution experts find and close the most common loophole found responsible for information theft. We provide hybrid protection that adds an extra layer of security to protect confidential information of your company. Our systems are fully capable of overcoming data related disasters. Nellika Computers LLC employs the best data protection services that use advancements in data protection technology with a focus on advanced hacking techniques.


  • Complete Protection: Clients know that they are receiving comprehensive protection for all their data.
  • Our backup solutions provide protection for mobile user data.
  • Data Protection All The Time: We know you want your data protected all the time. Nellika Computer LLC backup solution automatically updates with every data change making sure your end-users have what they need every time with no fear of loss data.

  • Limit Inconvenience: Cut out inconvenience of forgotten passwords and lost files by having a data protection service that maintains up-time.

  • System Rollbacks: By capturing regular snapshots of data our data protection solutions make it easy for the system to roll back to erase any data corruption. 


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Installation Service

  • OS & Format  AED 250/-
  • Antivirus        AED 100/-
  • Server setup  AED 1500/-
  • Network        AED 1500/-
  • AMC                AED 5000/-

IT Support

  • Advanced   AED 450 /hr
  • Standard    AED 250/hr
  • AMC           contact us
  • IT Audit  AMC  Free

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