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Network Fine Tuning

Network is your backbone of IT, we can do network audit and fine tune your network to make it faster and reliable for your business. Meet our Dubai IT Consultants.

 Nellika Computers LLC provides monitory, analysis and troubleshooting services along with many other services as part of our network check for our customers.. Network Tuning includes services to initially adjust the network before commercial launch. When a new network is installed or new features activated, the network functionality and operation is measured and adjusted. The services can also be applied after launch to improve network performance. There are many possible causes of packet loss, ranging from bad or failing hardware to misconfigured hosts or network equipment. Nellika Computers LLC designed the network, coupled with proper configuration of hosts, routers and switches, can eliminate packet loss and result in significantly improved data transfer performance Our network engineers are skilled in this specialized service and use the right tools to conduct a detailed network analysis.


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Installation Service

  • OS & Format  AED 250/-
  • Antivirus        AED 100/-
  • Server setup  AED 1500/-
  • Network        AED 1500/-
  • AMC                AED 5000/-

IT Support

  • Advanced   AED 450 /hr
  • Standard    AED 250/hr
  • AMC           contact us
  • IT Audit  AMC  Free

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