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Wireless Network

Today  WiFi networks for Enterprise  have become more and more popular as companies in Dubai  realize the freedom and flexibility that wireless networks bring to a company.

 From medium and large enterprises to college campuses, airports, train stations,museums, shopping malls, manufacturing plants, hospitals, and warehouses – have all installed WiFi networks on their premises. Wireless solutions from NCL Dubai can provide solid foundation for your Wifi network.

Site Survey for Wifi

A site survey is always performed first for the wirless network. This is a physical survey of the customer's premises to locate the best possible places to install wireless access points and ensure 100% wireless coverage and optimum performance.

Before installing any wireless devices we perform a radio frequency (RF) test in order to better understand the behavior of radio waves within a facility. This is recommended because various obstacles such as doors, walls, elevator shafts and people might affect the radio frequency pattern, causing it to be irregular and unpredictable. Even if you are using omni-directional antennas, radio waves do not travel the same distance in all directions. The RF test can also detect any radio interference that might come from other sources and could affect the performance of the wireless LAN negatively. The ultimate goal of the site survey and RF test is to help determine the number and placement of the access points.

Wireless N Network Design
Our engineers will assure the proper planning for your wireless network design. The complexity of your network will vary depending on the obstacles within and the size of your facility. We provide consultancy for IT wireless network and advice proper wireless device to the customers.

Wireless Access Point in Dubai

We will integrate the WiFi system into your current network as well as install all the required wireless equipment and certify its operation. All cabling and power runs should be done and tested prior to the installation of access points. NCL provides best wireless network for companies in Dubai UAE with Cisco, Engenius, Aruba etc.

Below is a list of activities that one might expect during an installation:

Mounting of access points
Installation of enclosures on case-by-case basis (physical security)
Mounting of antennas
Connection of antennas to access points
Connection of Backbone LAN to access points
Connection of power to access points
Installation and connection of remote power system
Verification of coverage
Configuration of access points and hardware to include:
Proper firmware level
Radio information (SSID, channel, bit rate)
IP addresses
Verification of backbone connectivity

Installation Service

  • OS & Format  AED 250/-
  • Antivirus        AED 100/-
  • Server setup  AED 1500/-
  • Network        AED 1500/-
  • AMC                AED 5000/-

IT Support

  • Advanced   AED 450 /hr
  • Standard    AED 250/hr
  • AMC           contact us
  • IT Audit  AMC  Free

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